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Renovating Your Bathroom? These Styles Could Be For You.

Modern Looking Cooking Area

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer a room that you visit only when you have to answer the call of nature, this room gains a lot of attention in the eyes of  homeowners and potential homebuyers. Not only do the features of the room play an important role in renovating, the style that too has become a major focal point in a successful renovating project. Whether you are interested in the standard classic, the contemporary tastes, or the more modern looking powder room, we will discuss some of the trends that are very appealing to all sorts of homeowners in this article.

The Classic White:

White Kitchen

White has gained a lot of popularity lately in bathroom design. This color does not get old and you would never go wrong when you focus on it. It defines elegance, the long lasting essence of perfection and it indicates both the history and the future. This is why you might be interested in having a classic style of white cabinets and finishing. Another important thing is the fact that you could still tweak it with different appliances so that it becomes more personal according to your liking.

Contemporary Touches

There are many people nowadays prefer the contemporary look to be assured on their bathroom design. These touches could be summarized in using light colors like creamy, brownish or even white. These colors might go unnoticed for some people; however, they would definitely give the bathroom the age’s touch of elegance. The appliances and fixtures are metallic, which means that the shininess of metal could combine reflecting the light on different surfaces.

Modern Looking Cooking Area

The image above shows what the interior decorator was trying to do using the contemporary touches as he used the light wood color and emphasized it in the cabinets with a harder color. The appliances are clear to combine metal and glass, which gives a good sign of modernism. Finally the lighting. The main source of lighting could seem to be the decorative warm lighting. However, this is far from the truth as there are ambient lights that are almost hidden, but doing all the job of lighting the space. Natural lighting is not ignored, as it is crucial in contemporary design in daytime.

Eclectic Style:

When you are interested in a style that would use all your imagination without the need to ruin the harmony of the design then you would like the eclectic style. Why? Simply because this style releases your chances of mixing decoration elements without having to ruin the aesthetics of the bathroom design itself. This style focuses on mixing more than one style of design together with another. Like mixing modernism with surrealism in one different piece of art. This is what this style is about. The above image represents an eclectic bathroom design that combines the recycling culture by using newspapers with the classic design of the furniture and flooring.

Stylish Bathroom

This way the designer made sure to break the routine that a classical design might indicate with the excitement of emphasizing the recycling value. These do not need to be actual newspapers. Nonetheless, the idea reaches the person who enters the bathroom. It is visible that the only lighting used here is a decorating lighting. Nonetheless, there is an ambient lighting to make sure that light is distributed evenly within the space.

These three styles we discussed show that there are more to do when it comes to bathroom design or bathroom renovation. Likewise, many other styles could be implemented regardless of what the original bathroom looks like. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the styling options feel free to send us an email or contact us for the best advice in Sydney.

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