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Think Room Size is a Limitation? Think Again

Have you ever been told by renovators that you are dreaming if you are considering turning your current kitchen with such little free space into the kitchen of your dreams? Many renovation companies will tell you that this is the case if they feel it is too hard to produce an aesthetically pleasing room on a tight budget or if they have no expert designers on hand. A true kitchen renovation company should be able to give you plans based on your ideas and thoughts, and be able to work within budget and within your set limitations. A qualified designer should be competent enough to produce amazing results and turn even the most undersized, miniscule rooms into tremendous cookeries. There is no small or big space for a gorgeous and fashionable kitchen for busy.

White Renovation Project, Narrow Kitchen Space

For our professional designers, converting a small cooking space into a spacious looking one without reducing the space of the room adjacent is an easy task. We are known for taking on challenging make-over projects that other renovating companies have disregarded and turned the so-called “disaster zones” into breathtaking functional masterpieces.

Small Cooking Room Design Project, Sydney

If you think that a small space limits mobility, you are wrong. Below are just a few of the methods that our interior kitchen designers use to turn narrow kitchens from restricted to expanded, boring to upbeat, unrefined to posh, expensive to affordable and much more.

1. Open the kitchen by merging it with the other room. Walls can be removed to do this. An open kitchen leaves enough room for a breathing space. This will make your kitchen look spacious.
2. De-clutter countertops. Design compact and chic storage cabinets to accommodate various kitchen essentials. Storage is important to keep your kitchen spic and span. Design the cabinets in such a way that essentials are stored separately from each other. It is also more convenient to locate the items, avoiding the time-consuming scrimp and search. Pots and pans can make use of open overhead racks located on top of the island table or cooking range.
3. Maximize every space available by eliminating unwanted kitchen items. The kitchen’s storage bins can be designed according to the space available for it. A corner space may not be ideal for a storage cabinet but the sink will have use for it.
4. Provide sufficient light. Make use of daylight by adding a window on top of the lintel. Light gives an impression of space.
5. Paint the kitchen with lively colors that will make the space look brighter. Cramped kitchen will look like a dingy space with dark colors.
6. Use the right kitchen materials that brighten the space, easy to maintain and durable.

Narrow Cooking Area, Interior Design Sydney

Kitchen lovers long to move about in smooth and easy strides. Accessing ingredients, cooking implements, crockery and cutlery is designed to be convenient without opening one cabinet to another until you find what you are looking for. To achieve a perfect harmony in your cooking area, leave the work to the experts – K&B Renovations. Your kitchen’s style in a limited space is nothing to worry about, true beauty can be achieved within every home and every room, REGARDLESS of size. Do not listen to the other renovating companies out there that are telling you that nothing can be done. Kitchen designing is an art perfected by excellent professionals whose knack for it comes inherently, integrated into the mainstream of Sydney’s sought-after experts.


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