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Choosing the Right Countertops

Modern Looking Cooking Area

Dazzling modern kitchens attract anyone who is fond of beautiful designs, loves to cook or those who make use of modern kitchens. Kitchens have also become the playground for ambitious designers who wants to take chance in turning their imaginations into the extravagant and mesmerising renovations which dominate the world of kitchens today. Large spaces present beautiful cabinet furniture and demonstrate the perfect amalgamation between form and function.

Newly developed materials find more uses in kitchen cabinetry adding to the vast range of designsSydney Kitchen Renovation Project which is part of the beauty of kitchens nowadays. Countertops are one of the striking elements of kitchens. They catch the attention of any visitor. Countertops cover all cabinets and offer work space, table tops for your breakfast area and they surround sink and stove alike. There are so many materials and varieties to choose from that made it difficult to find the most suitable types for your kitchen.

Some materials are very suitable while others need a lot of maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. One of the best choices is natural granite. Huge gang saws or cut blocks of granite into slabs that are polished to a high gloss finish. The mirror finished surface reveals the beauty of natural patterns in the stone. There are a thousand colours and patterns to select from and granite from all over the world are offered as top choices for kitchen countertops. It defines elegance in the kitchen and their uses become more widespread. The beauty of the stone contributes to the design of the entire kitchen.


Sometimes marble is used for countertops as well but the sensitivity to scratches and acid foods will taint the beautiful appearance of this kind of stone and leave other choices of man-made materials open. Solid surfaces made from calcium carbonate and polyester resin are opt when the pricing is an issue. Hot pots are able to damage the material but scratches can be sanded and polished again.CAESERSTONE BENCHTOPS

Glass offers beautiful effects. It is specially treated and withstands the demand of kitchen activities. The most striking effect is the perfect flat mirror surface which is in its simplicity becomes the eye-catcher of your entire kitchen. Texture and tinted varieties can create an amazing effect and you can choose from a wide range of choices. The reflections on the surface is a feature that brings the whole kitchen to life. It adds a highly artistic element to the renovation and popularity increases steadily.

Using laminated kitchen tops decrease in demand due to many disappointed customers. While the price attracts still some kitchen buyers, the sensitivity is reducing the life expectation to just a few years and damages are very common. Wood on the other hand, is still a material of choice for antique-looking designs with many heirloom patterns. Polished copper pots look beautiful to solid wooden counter tops.

K&B Renovations is the place to express you artistic euphoria. Possibilities are endless and results can be exhilarating. Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to extraordinary kitchens.