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Choosing the Right Countertops

Dazzling modern kitchens attract anyone who is fond of beautiful designs, loves to cook or those who make use of modern kitchens. Kitchens have also become the playground for ambitious designers who wants to take chance in turning their imaginations into the extravagant and mesmerising renovations which dominate the world of kitchens today. Large spaces present beautiful cabinet furniture and demonstrate the perfect amalgamation between form and function. Newly developed …Read More

Think Room Size is a Limitation? Think Again

Have you ever been told by renovators that you are dreaming if you are considering turning your current kitchen with such little free space into the kitchen of your dreams? Many renovation companies will tell you that this is the case if they feel it is too hard to produce an aesthetically pleasing room on a tight budget or if they have no expert designers on hand. A true kitchen …Read More

The Fashionable Room, Based On Individual Taste

Who says that only the fashion world has designer apparels? Kitchens are mums’ special nook where their cooking passion for the family brings eternal joy, no matter how hectic their schedules are. A dream kitchen, besides being functional, is one that is fashionable, sophisticated and elegant, a prized possession.  There are many design ideas that can be collected from various resources, browsing through magazines and websites, visiting showrooms and even taking …Read More

Renovating Your Bathroom? These Styles Could Be For You.

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer a room that you visit only when you have to answer the call of nature, this room gains a lot of attention in the eyes of  homeowners and potential homebuyers. Not only do the features of the room play an important role in renovating, the style that too has become a major focal point in a successful renovating project. Whether you are interested in …Read More

Creating a Masterpiece Based on Unimaginable Ideas

Have you recently opened a renovation magazine and been intrigued by all the dazzling designs? Kitchens nowadays are masterpieces of innovative shapes and function that can take your breath away. They have been reinvented using the most modern designs and materials. Ergonomic positioning of appliances of the new generation smartly eliminates inconveniences as everything is now within your reach.     The cooking area has been dedicated a large portion …Read More

New Video for Sydney Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Hey guys. This is the first of many blog posts. We have just finished our first youtube video and are very happy with how it looks. The video showcases just a few of our best finished products. These kitchen remodelling projects are located all throughout Sydney. The Bathroom redesign jobs also are within the Sydney area. We are hoping to expand further and wider than the Sydney CBD. This is …Read More

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