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Why Renovate with K&B?

We have been turning Camperdown homeowners’ dreams into realities is for many years. Our company is made up of an extensive group of specialist designers, plumbers & gas fitters, electricians, cabinetmakers, painters, tilers and carpenters. Each of the tradesmen that we employ go through a series of skill, consistency and attention to detail testing to ensure that our reputation is kept up to the highest standard as we value our great reputation in the Camperdown area.

Design Team

The team of interior designers that we have on hand at K&B is second to none. We believe that each and every project should have its own individual look, feel and functionality. The designers are always looking at the newest cooking appliances and bathroom fittings to make your life easier and keep your house up with the latest trends.


Our renovations cater for all type of budget whether you are looking for a quick cheap bathroom renovation or a luxury state of the art kitchen renovation we have the tools and materials necessary to deliver your project within budget. There are many way to cost cut when it comes to a kitchen renovation and will be able to provide you with different ideas throughout the design phase for you to consider so as to keep the cost to a minimum. On the other hand if budget is no concern and you are after the best bathroom renovation that money can buy we will be able to produce breathtaking 3D designs that can be revised as many times as you would like until you are happy with the final plan. There is no official price tag on the renovations that we produce as each project is always different in its own unique way. No matter what your budget we will be able to find you the perfect solution for your renovations needs.

Kitchen Renovations Camperdown

Our kitchen design team have always got an eye on what is hot and trending in Camperdown homes. We believe that the kitchen is much more than what it used to be – simply a room for cooking the families meals. It has not become more of a social room and a place to converse amongst family members after a hard day of work and somewhere to have a casual drink. We have seen this shift in the type of projects we are producing Sydney wide and are happy to cater for all of your needs. Our kitchens are of course functionally suitable however they are now geared towards meeting the social expectations that many homeowners are striving towards. This social/entertaining kitchen area is a design that both you and our designers contribute to and is tailored to suit your exact specifications. This new age cooking room is fast becoming a must for Sydney homeowners especially those who are serious about entertaining guests.

With all of these additions to the kitchens, one may assume that the main role of a place to cook and prepare meals may have been forgotten in the design phase. Rest assured K&B renovations have been in this industry for years and we know exactly what goes into creating a home chef enthusiasts dream cookery. We work with state of the art cooking and kitchenware companies to produce projects that are second to none.

Bathroom Renovations Camperdown

K&B Renovations has a specialty Camperdown bathroom design and construction team. Our team is made up of expert interior designers who have been remodelling Sydney ensuites and bathrooms for years. Each of the design staff have a genuine passion for the work they produce and will stop at nothing until your are completely satisfied with your new room. We are constantly looking for any new innovative bathroom appliances that may add value or a better experience for homeowners. The bathroom has become much more than just a function only room, homeowners now opt for a room that creates a relaxing environment where one can unwind after a tough day at work. Our design team have quickly adapted this new focus of homeowners and are producing the most breathtaking custom made bathrooms on the market.

We are able to modernise your pre-existing bathrooms with newer more fashionable appliances if you are not looking for a complete bathroom renovation. Our past clients constantly recall us to install free standing bath tubs or water saving shower heads whenever they see something new on the market that catches their eye as we are the trusted bathroom renovation company in Sydney. The reputation we have amongst the local community has been built up through years of experience and says a lot about how much we value our customers.

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